What makes a good book review?

Here are a few tips. Think about including the following information:

  • What? (What happens - but don't give away too much of the plot)
  • Who? (Who does it happen to?)
  • Where? When? (these might be relevant if, say, it's a ghost story, or set in the future or the prehistoric past)
  • What do I think and why? (It's great because it's action-packed..., etc)
  • What is the writing like? - does the way the character speak make them seem real? Does it have good descriptions, etc
  • Would I recommend it? If so, who to? (age group/ boys/ girls etc)
  • Don't be afraid to mention things you don't like so much in a book - this is what criticism is all about. Sometimes you like some things but not others. For instance, you might write "I loved the spooky atmosphere, but I was disappointed when the monster finally appeared that it wasn't more scary".

(From The Guardian's children's books site)