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Maths Overviews Across the School

See below for overviews of the key skills and vocabulary taught in Maths across the school. 

    • EYFS and KS1

      EYFS Maths Topics and Skills

      Year 1 Maths Topics and Skills

      Year 2 Maths Topics and Skills

      KS1 Mathematical Vocabulary

    • KS2

      Year 3 Maths Topics and Skills

      Year 4 Maths Topics and Skills

      Year 5 Maths Topics and Skills

      Year 6 Maths Topics and Skills

      KS2 Mathematical Vocabulary

    Times Tables Rockstars and Numbots

    As a school, we subscribe to these two programmes because the skills developed through them are fundamental to future maths learning. While the school is closed to children, they should continue to work through the challenges on here every day.

  • Maths Home Learning Resources

    Daily Maths Lessons Provided on 'I See Maths'

    Gareth Metcalfe has been instrumental in the reasoning abilities of children across the country. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, he will be providing a daily maths lessons to year groups. Follow him on facebook or follow the link below to find your lessons!


    Daily Maths Lessons Provided by White Rose Maths

    Follow the link and click on your year group to find your maths lesson.


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