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Year 2 Home Learning 

                                                    Year 2 Home Learning will be set each week and sent out by Ping. The links to the letters,                                                             along with all other resources required, can be found in the sections below. 

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Prince Cinders by Babette Cole

The Tales of Olga Do Polga by Michael Bond

Listen as Miss Cook reads you the Tales of Olga Da Polga. You will need to hear this to help you complete the tasks on your home learning newsletter. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 (part 1)

Chapter 1 (1).mp4

Chapter 1 (part 2)

Chapter 1 (2) (1).mp4

Chapter 5 (part 1)

Chapter 5 (1).mp4

Chapter 5 (part 2)

Chapter 5 (2) (1).mp4

Poetry Task

Listen as Miss Martin reads some very silly poems! You will need these for your newsletter for week commencing 4th May 2020. Enjoy!

Poetry Task Introduction


See You Later, Alligator


Are You Pink and Green?


Granny's in the Kitchen


Bugs Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me


Do your Ears Hang Low?


I Can't Do My Bally Bottom Button Up




'Neath the Crust of the Old Apple Pie




George's Marvellous Medicine

Listen to Miss Martin read Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine. You will need to hear this so that you can complete the tasks on your home learning newsletters for week commencing the 20th April onwards.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (part 2)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 (part 2)

Chapter 4

Chapters 5 and 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 (part 2)

Chapter 8

Chapters 10 and 11

Chapter 11 (part 2)

Chapter 12

Chapters 13 and 14

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