Mile Oak Primary School is a caring, inclusive community.

Our vision is to enable every child and adult to reach their full potential, whilst striving for personal excellence.

In September, 2014 OFSTED inspected the school and judged  it ’Good’ in all areas. We have worked very hard, and have a key strategic direction for the school, to address any areas that can be improved and we are constantly evaluating our progress.

We promote actively all forms of equality and we foster greater understanding and respect  for people of all faiths(and no faith), different social class, race, gender, age, disability(including learning need) and sexual orientation through our broad and balanced curriculum. We have incorporated all aspects of pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning into a combined curriculum area linking all our visits, visitors and assemblies. This has been a focus of our curriculum work this year and the PSHE, RE and School Council Manager have worked together with the Learning Mentor and the Healthy Schools subject manager to put  this curriculum area together. These themes are central to our ethos.

Relationships between children and adults in the school are excellent and we encourage respect for everyone. Incidents of bullying are low- but vigorously addressed- and our Anti-Bullying Policy has been reviewed and shared with staff, pupils and parents at the Parent  Forum this year.

The Equality Act describes a range of different groups that have protected characteristics and  we feel that it is important to consider adopted and looked after pupils, young carers and pupils who have been or are eligible for free school meals, in addition to children who are experiencing particular difficulties in their lives. We look closely at the progress of all groups of pupils and if necessary we provide interventions to help children catch up.

We learn about what we have in common, as well as valuing differences- everyone has the same rights- but making school’FAIR’ for everyone is not about giving everyone the same things. Each class in the school has a representative on the School Council and this child represents the views as expressed by the other class members in response  to the  issues or matters of importance to children in the school. Our assemblies and day to day interactions with children reflect our important values.

We are careful with our use of language, resources and groupings, avoiding stereotyping and inadvertent judgements about groups of children. All types of family are valued and children are not discriminated against  because of lack of money to access visits or activities or because of lack of opportunity.

We have adults and children in  school with physical and learning disabilities which we are all helped to understand; everyone has equal access all school life. Put- downs are  never tolerated in our school. They are challenged and discussed with the the perpetrator and the subject of the put-down. In addition, we challenge any put-downs published on social media. Our key focus on equality of opportunity and understanding the concept makes such put downs infrequent as we are aiming to address the ignorance which is their source.

Children and adults in our school are encouraged to be kind to each other and to celebrate achievements, for example our weekly Ambassadors assembly, our merit  books, reading, writing and mathematics champions, house points, class attendance awards and awards or recognition for the school staff and children. This year, for example, the school has won  a £10000 innovation award from Randstead Education and a grant from the South over trust for our science bus which will enrich the learning of all of the children in the school and the scientific experiences of children in other schools in the local community.