Reading is at the heart of everything we do at Mile Oak.

At Mile Oak we feel that we have a community of readers and writers where children read and write for enjoyment and purpose; pride themselves on achieving personal success and take increasing responsibility for nurturing the success of others. In a National Literacy Trust survey carried out in 2013, over 95% of children at Mile Oak said they enjoy reading very much or quite a lot, compared to a national average of 50.3%.

We feel that the children’s positive view of reading is due to the broad range of innovative initiatives that we have put in place. A similar impact is now being felt in writing.

We believe strongly in peer group learning and have over 50 children volunteering for lunchtime mentoring schemes to improve reading and writing with younger children. All these children are receiving training from our dedicated ECAR (Every Child a Reader) teacher and will soon receive in-school certification.

Children who are seen to be positive role models for reading or writing become Reading Champions (KS2) or Reading Stars (KS1) and can wear their special polo ­shirts as school uniform. The scheme has been extended to include bronze, silver and gold champion status, with specific criteria developed by the staff. Similarly, children who write in their spare time, and who promote writing within the school may be chosen to be Writing Champions. Children who reach gold champion status can be immortalised on our special Children’s Reading Walk of Fame pavement walkway. From July 2014 we are introducing a Children’s Writing Walk of Fame as well.

The Accelerated  Reading programme is firmly embedded in Year 2 to 6. When children read a book, they take a computer-based quiz about it, and earn points towards a target set by their teacher. Those children who achieve their targets are rewarded with trips to a local cinema. Children who read a million words in a school year are rewarded as ‘Mile Oak Millionaires’ and are celebrated for their achievement.

Other initiatives include five book buses that are used throughout the school to deliver picture books; pop-up books and stimuli to encourage writing; a Mile Oak Postal service, including our very own stamps; a Cupboard of Curiosity and even a Book ‘Speed Dating’ event!

Find out more about what we do, and how much our children love reading by watching our video.