Staff Information 2014-2015

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Ms Susan Mines

Deputy Headteacher/ Key Stage 2 Manager: Mr Martin Cooper

Inclusion Officer (with responsibility for SEN, Pupil Premium and vulnerable pupils): Mrs Sharon Lush

Early Years/ Foundation Stage/ Key Stage 1 Manager: Mr Saul Smith

Assessment Co-ordinator:  Miss Paula Witts

School Business Manager: Mrs Lynne Szkolar

Teaching Teams 2016-17


 Mr Saul Smith     Mrs Katy Thoroughgood Ms Justine Pete

Ms Louise Hudson

Teaching Assistants - Lee Bennett   Jeanette Longley   Karen Wilcock

Year 1

 Ms Polly Marshall    Ms Chloe Murray     Ms Karima Stacey

Teaching Assistants - Emily Hamilton-Goza   Emma Wadey  Sarah Turner   Georgia Woodvine

Year 2

  Mr Sam Harris   Ms Kerry Griffiths   Ms Gemma Newby

Teaching Assistants -  Karen Mansbridge   Wendy Turner   Lorraine Harman

Year 3

       Mrs Angela Hills/Mr James Winn    Mrs Jas Bennett  Mr Tom Parks

Teaching Assistant - Liz Standen

Year 4

Mr Neil Fulcher   Ms Cassandra Dorricott-Juniper    Ms Caitlyn Cessford

Teaching Assistant - Julie Latimer

Year 5

      Ms Paula Witts    Mr David Bain      Ms Ruth Beresford 

Teaching Assistant - Dave Richards

Year 6

    Ms Tara Liddle     Ms Jenny Wilks      Mr James Chapman  

Teaching Assistant - Rita Webb


Additional Staff Responsibilities

Able Pupils - Ruth Beresford

Art/ Display - Gemma Newby

Child Protection - Sharon Lush/ Susan Mines 

Computing - Katy Thoroughgood and James Winn

DT - Kerry Griffiths

EAL - Cassandra Dorricott-Juniper

English - Martin Cooper

Geography - Polly Marshall

Phonics - Saul Smith

Mathematics - Tara Liddle

Healthy Schools - Neil Fulcher

Music KS2 - James Chapman

Music KS1 - Louise Hudson

PSHE  - Chloe Murray

Primary Languages - Jenny Wilks

RE - Angela Hills

Science - Sam Harris

Sports Coordinators: Netball - Jas Bennett; Football - Lee Bennett; Coaches: Justine Fairbanks and Luke Poulter

School Council - David Bain

CPD - Susan Mines


Support Staff

Admin Officer - Jackie Baker