Think Big

Our children leave Mile Oak thinking big with no limit on their potential. The school family works together to inspire and support every child. They learn and achieve through inspirational teaching in a lively, ambitious environment. Every child is nurtured to gain the creativity, responsibility and full breadth of skills required to take an active and fulfilling role in society.

School Values


I have the desire, determination and energy to achieve success.


I embrace difference and consider the feelings, wishes and rights of others while cherishing the environment.


I am passionate about my school - I always try my best and celebrate my own and others’ achievements. 


I relish being challenged and demonstrate resilience when making brave choices in my life.

School Pledge

We pledge that every child at Mile Oak will; 

  • experience an enriched curriculum

  •  enjoy their journey through our school

  •  achieve and celebrate success

  •  embrace a healthy lifestyle

  •  be nurtured and celebrated as an individual

  •  understand their responsibility as an engaged citizen

Our children at Mile Oak 


Find out more about Mile Oak by watching our promotional film:

I attended your school a couple of weeks ago... to train your pupils riding bicycles. I have visited many schools in the Brighton & Hove area and was particularly struck by the excellent behaviour of all the classes involved.
The children were very polite, listened well and thus teaching them new skills was great fun for all of us. The front desk staff, teachers, TAs and others were all very helpful. I look forward to visiting you again in the future……..THE BEST SCHOOL I HAVE EVER VISITED!
— Brighton and Hove Cycle Training Instructor