Mile Oak Primary School is one of the luckiest schools in the country. We are so fortunate because we have our own fleet of beautiful bikes for the children to use at school!

The school's bike scheme has provided a brilliant opportunity for pupils to enjoy cycling at school with their friends and teachers. The initiative has been amazingly well received by the children and there is a tangible buzz around the school when children know they are going to be using the bikes. Our aim is to have every child be confident in riding bikes by the time they leave Mile Oak School. We will work hard to ensure no child is left behind with their riding skills. We have a range of ideas to make this happen. Starting with regular use of the bikes across the school day to Bikeability sessions for children across the school. Reception are brilliant at using balance bikes early on, this is fantastic in helping children to develop their skills on the bike.  As the children grow older, we will continue to use the bikes so they can continually build on their skills and confidence.

Cycling is also a great form of exercise and it helps improve physical fitness and mental health.  Children who cycle regularly to school are more likely to have higher levels of physical fitness than those who do not. Regular exercise has also been shown to improve cognitive function, which can lead to better academic performance. Cycling is an excellent way to promote mental well-being and reduce stress levels, there are no downsides to cycling regularly! In addition to promoting physical fitness and health, cycling to school also has social and educational benefits. Children who cycle to school are more likely to arrive at school alert and ready to learn. They are also more likely to engage in classroom activities and participate in extracurricular activities. Why not start with cycling or scooting to school a few times a week? Cycling can also help develop independence and responsibility in children as they learn how to navigate roads and interact with other road users safely.

In conclusion, Mile Oak Primary School's investment in its own school bikes has been a significant success. The scheme has provided numerous benefits, including improved physical fitness and health, and social and educational benefits. The school's investment in sustainable travel has undoubtedly made it one of the most forward-thinking schools in the region, setting an example for other schools to follow. 

How long does it take you to walk to school?