MFL - Spanish

Through learning another language, pupils gain respect for other cultures and languages and understand that they can communicate in different ways. Children who begin learning a second language at a young age can have the courage to learn new sounds and pronunciation quickly and so we will use Spanish songs and games to promote these basic skills throughout our school. Through lively, interactive lessons in KS2, pupils will have the opportunity to develop and progress their skills and confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing Spanish. Our aim is to foster a lifelong love of language learning which pupils can continue into the next stage of their education and beyond. Children at Mile Oak School will be actively encouraged to THINK BIG and recognise that they are global citizens who will have opportunities to make connections with others across the world through language, technology and travel.


We use the Language Angels scheme to support our MFL teaching. Pupils can access games at home through logging onto and clicking on ‘pupil games’ and the appropriate topic. The username and password to use is ‘mileoak’.

Below is an overview of the key topics covered in KS2 at Mile Oak.


The school's MFL Leader is Miss Moore. 

If you have any questions about the school's MFL curriculum, contact your child's class teacher or Miss Moore via the school office.