Curriculum Vision

At Mile Oak we THINK BIG!

We have created a nurturing, stimulating and inspiring environment in which to learn. Children are challenged to reach their potential through a well-designed, coherent and progressive curriculum which we have designed to meet the needs of our community.

Central to our curriculum is the development of literacy skills for all learners. This is achieved through:

  • High expectations
  • Implementing our personalised progression in tier 2 and 3 vocabulary documents
  • Explicit vocabulary teaching
  • Expressive language
  • Models and images
  • Use of SLANT and SHAPE 
  • Scaffolding of talk
  • A focus on problem solving and reasoning
  • Use of rich, inspiring texts

Our curriculum ensures:

  • Children understand their local, wider and global communicty
  • Children contribute to their community
  • We celebrate diversity
  • We live sustainably
  • We embrace the great outdoors
  • We gain the skills, confidence and knowledge to actively participate in learning experiences
  • We aspire 
  • We build cultural capital
  • We gain first-hand experiences

No curriculum can ever be complete. At Mile Oak, we pride ourselves on adapting to the needs of our community, world wide events and identifying the needs of each cohort. We take opportunities to further enrich our pupils' lives when presented. Our subject leaders are supported to see the implementation of their curriculum areas as a process - it is ever-evolving and, we believe, that is the only way we can sufficiently support our pupils.

The Curriculum

As a maintained school, we use the following documents:

  • The Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework as well as Development Matters in the Foundation Stage
  • The National Curriculum in England for Key Stages One and Two
  • The Brighton and Hove agreed syllabus for Religious Education (RE), Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Relationships and Sex Education

Learn more about each subject by following the links on the drop down menu. For additional information about a subject, please contact the school office and ask to speak to the subject leader or deputy headteacher.

To find out who are subject leaders are, please view the document below.

Subject Leaders 2023-2024