Annual Class Reorganisation

At Mile Oak Primary School we intentionally re-organise classes at the end of each school year.

This reorganisation ensures that:

  • Children develop new friendships whilst maintaining existing ones
  • There is a supportive and caring ethos
  • All children feel a sense of belonging within our community
  • Any imbalance of need caused by in-year transition and developing needs is addressed.
  • Children learn and play with a wider variety of peers
  • There is greater social interaction between children as they move through the school
  • Children develop greater resilience

We will always consider what is in the best interests of individual children and classes as a whole when making decisions. All arrangements for class re-organisation are based on the professional judgements of Class Teachers, Year Leaders and the Senior Leadership Team.

Our Approach

  • Staff observe the children’s relationships in all areas of school life
  • Children select three friends they would be happy to be in a class with.  We guarantee that they will have at least one friend from that list.
  • Year group teams work to ensure the re-organisation has:
  • A good balance of friendships,
  • A range of attainment
  • A range of social and personal needs,
  • House system representation
  • A range of academic needs
  • Year group teams meet to discuss and finalise groupings
  • The Senior Leadership Team meet to agree new class lists
  • New Classes are shared with parents and children in July - prior to meet the teacher days

We will communicate the criteria for class re-organisation in an open and transparent way. We will always consider the happiness and welfare of the children and will give consideration to existing friendship groups when we create new classes.

Class Reorganisation 2022/2023

Year 1 to Year 2 Transition Robin Class

Year 1 to Year 2 Transition Wren Class

Year 2 to Year 3 Transition Beech Class

Year 2 to Year 3 Transition Cherry Class

Year 3 to Year 4 Transition Ash Class

Year 3 to Year 4 Transition Hazel Class

Year 3 to Year 4 Transition Rowan Class