01.03..24 Hermonceux Space Observatory

Yesterday, Year five travelled to Hermonceux space observatory as part of their school topic this term. The children had a wonderful time exploring the center with hands-on activities such as trying out different types of gears, investigating how light travels and learning how gravity acts upon different objects. Interestingly, the children also had an opportunity to use a robotic arm to move 3D shapes, to simulate how the robotic arm would function on the International Space Station (I.S.S.). This was their favourite part of the day! All of the children learned about different types of telescopes on an observatory tour and the staff opened the roof in each pod so that the children could see how astronomers were able to look into space. The day ended with a fantastic science show, where the presenter explained how astronauts travelled to the I.S.S. and the mechanics of the rockets used. Overall, the children represented the school wonderfully and gained vital knowledge to use in their academic work.